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Skip traffic with AirspaceX

The Problem

Traffic is taking over our lives

U.S. drivers spent $300 billion in wasted fuel and productivity due to gridlock traffic.

  • Commuters

    42 hours

    Time urban commuters sit in traffic per year

  • Fuel

    1.9 billion

    Gallons of fuel wasted due to road congestion

  • Money


    Dollars wasted per driver per year due to traffic

The Solution

Travel with AirspaceX

Meet MOBi, the Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft from AirspaceX.

On-Demand Air Travel

Meet MOBi

Thanks to recent advances in electric propulsion, automation, and lightweight materials, VTOL aircraft are enabling a new way to travel by air. With MOBi, AirspaceX will deliver affordable air travel for the same cost as an UberBLACK ride.

  • Stop Watch Icon


    MOBi can reduce your 90-minute commute in stop-and-go traffic to a mere six minutes in air.

  • Lightning Icon


    MOBi produces zero carbon emissions with its entirely electric motor.

  • Sound Disabled Icon


    MOBi has an electric motor and is significantly quieter than helicopters and airplanes.

Flight Control
Fully Autonomous & Assisted
Payload Type
4 Passenger Cabin
Take off & landing
1-2 hours
Optimal Payload
< 100 Miles
Front of MOBi vehicle
MOBi vehicle diagram
Full Mobi

Drive Less. Do More.

With the MOBi VTOL aircraft, AirspaceX will connect cities, suburbs, and surrounding airports like never before – getting you there faster, giving you time to do more.

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Airspace Experience Technologies

AirspaceX is an air mobility company leveraging recent advances in electric propulsion, automation, and lightweight materials to create MOBi, an electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft that enables fast, clean, and reliable air transportation. The company is in the design and development phase and will begin production on MOBi in 2020. AirspaceX is on a mission to deliver affordable, on-demand mobility solutions connecting cities, suburbs, and surrounding airports around the world.